A Luxury Country Inn - Umbria

Thanksgiving…Italian Style

  Not having had time on Thursday to do anything for Thanksgiving, Maurizio surprised me at lunch today with a slightly simplified, Italian version: Maurizio’s homemade lasagne fruit salad of fall fruits (persimmons, pomegranate seeds and juice, walnuts, apples, dried figs and grapes…with our very own must reduction semi-zabaione with coffee Sagrantino Passito

Crimson and Gold at Genius Loci – November 7-14, 2014

Meet the Mighty Ten Crimson and Golders 2014:  (from the left – Michelle, Dan, Deb, Lynette, Lou, Julie, Mark, David, Jolie and Becky)                celebrating a very special day with prosecco at breakfast            the romance of  ”roasting chestnuts on an open fire…”               …

Jolie Gordon – Photographer

Jolie Gordon – a new member of the Genius Loci family                courtesy of Julie Thomas                                    Jolie Gordon – a new member of the Genius Loci family “Art is the expression or application of human creative skill …