44th Wedding Anniversary in our New Home

Genius Loci - wedding anniversary

In our new home on the Genius Loci property we are celebrating our 44th wedding anniversary today!  Beautiful flowers adorned our table as we prepared a festive lunch – cozy inside on this bleak, COLD, snowy day!

view from Genius Loci Umbria

Rare moments of light broke through the heavy clouds, casting an amazing light in the sky, on the mountains and the valley.  The sweeping views from our new home catch the ever-changing light and beauty.

view from Genius Loci Umbria

fresh snow on the mountains

View from Genius Loci Umbria

late afternoon light –  a ray of sun through the clouds

Genius Loci Umbria - view

Michael’s tree stands as a sentinel against the dark grey background of fog and clouds!

Genius Loci Umbria - birch tree

A fleeting moment of sun through the clouds illuminated the birch tree by the pool.

Genius Loci Umbria - rainbow over the valley

Just before dark, a few minutes ago, an amazing rainbow came to say “hello” and wish us well!