As Summer Turns to Fall

Genius Loci Umbria - tomatoes

Few foods say summer like sun/vine-ripened, succulent, sweet tomatoes

late summer fruits in Umbria

Seemingly overnight…summer turns to fall with plump figs, swollen grapes and September peaches

Umbrian summer fruits

a rare, gorgeous and delicious September peach

peach risotto

a peach, toasted pine nut risotto

Along with cooler weather fall risottos with  melon, peaches, wild mushrooms or chestnuts make their appearance again.

fish soup

brodetto di pesce –  a seafood tomato-based bisque

late summer oleanders

The edges of the oleanders brown, their summer beauty fades….

coleus at Genius Loci Umbria

The gorgeous coleus shouts its last hurrah with its delicate purple spikes reaching proudly toward the sky.