Fall Foliage and Baking – November 9


Fall brings rambunctious, raging, riotous countryside colors…AND a wide array of seasonal foods which have been sorely missed for many months.  It also brings an irresistible desire to bake  – not only delicious breads…but also fall vegetables.  One of my favorites is baked cauliflower,  drizzled with Genius Loci PREMIUM extra virgin olive oil and sprinkled with aged pecorino and wild fennel.

Umbrian cooking - baked cauliflower

 the seasonal delight of baked cauliflower


Umbria bread baking

 crusty homemade bread with our newly harvested Genius Loci walnuts and local aged pecorino



Genius Loci Umbria - a luxury inn

our Sagrantino and Sangiovese vineyards in their fall beauty around and below Genius Loci.  This is the first photo we have from below of our new “house above”.  Cooking with this view spread out before us is an immense pleasure.

Sagrantino vineyards in the fall

view from the kitchen in our new “house above” at Genius Loci – never was cooking such a pleasure!

Umbria vineyards

view from our “house above” Genius Loci with the fall foliage.  What a sight!