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Umbria Jazz Festival

Other Festivals & Events

Throughout the year a variety of other festivals and events make their way to Umbria. From the Umbria Jazz Festival to Eurochocolate to Festival dei Due Mondi, there is no shortage of exciting events happening year-round near Genius Loci. When booking your stay, be sure to ask about available upcoming local festivals and events! Photo by Simone Tagliaferri

Bevagna's Mercato Delle Gaite Festival

Bevagna’s Mercato delle Gaite Festival

Bevagna is a small Umbrian town close to Genius Loci. It’s a charming and picturesque walled town, that was an important place in ancient Roman days, situated along the Via Flaminia. Bevagna is also home to a festival called Mercato delle Gaite. For a few days each June, the town is time-warped back to the middle ages. If you visit …