Harvesting Our Premium

harvesting olives for Premium olive oil

 gorgeous mid-October days for our “earlier-than-early” olive harvest

early harvest olives

harvesting olives in Umbria

On October 14 and 15 we harvested “earlier-than-early” the olives for our Genius Loci Premium Grade Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil.  As you may have read in a former blog post, there is more and more supporting evidence that early harvested olives contain additional elements –  thus providing additional health benefits.  Traditionally, we have always harvested early.  This year was an experiment in harvesting a limited crop even earlier.

extra virgin olive oil in Umbria

a private family antique Umbrian oil mill

Land-owning families had small olive oil mills for their personal use.

Umbrian olives

loading up the precious crop to take to the Mill

Genius Loci Umbria olive oil

our just-harvested Premium grade olives

extra virgin olive oil Umbria

just-pressed pure organic extra virgin olive oil