Jolie Gordon – Photographer

Jolie and Mary - Julie's C and G 2014

Jolie Gordon – a new member of the Genius Loci family                courtesy of Julie Thomas                                  

 Jolie Gordon – a new member of the Genius Loci family

“Art is the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, often, but not always, in a visual form.”  The debate on the definition of art has raged forever.  I embrace this rather all-encompassing definition, believing that “the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination” is the key, whether that skill and imagination is applied to cooking, photography, musical composition, graphic arts, landscape architecture, interior design, creative writing, etc.  Genius Loci attracts artists who express or apply their human creativity and imagination in an array of different ways.

Genius Loci seems to attract a disproportionate number of amazing artists.  From time to time, I have had the privilege and pleasure of featuring some of them on my blog.  Today, I would like to introduce you to a remarkable photographer:  Jolie Gordon.  Jolie was with us in November for our Crimson and Gold at Genius Loci week, contributing greatly in making it a huge success.

Rarely have I had as much difficulty as I did today in selecting a limited sampling of photos from Jolie’s spectacular Italy album.  I have aimed to provide a cross-section of her work to show her wide range of talent (from landscapes to portraits – from architectural monuments to artistic details).  Her rendering of varied subject matter is extremely personal, original, acute, always unique…demonstrating an inquisitive and excellent eye for composition, seemingly “insignificant” details, and for capturing so elegantly…and so eloquently – the  entire range of contrasts:  of texture, form, color, light, and mood. Jolie has a magical way of drawing the viewer in emotionally, of capturing the very essence of her subject.  Her style ranges from serious to whimsical – her portraits “speak” – her work in black and white is pure poetry.

I hope you will enjoy perusing some of her art below.  Please leave a comment if you are as enthusiastic and impressed as I am by her far-reaching talent.



















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Please take a look at Jolie’s website to see a much wider variety of her remarkable photography