July Beauty in Umbria

July Beauty in Umbria

How often we overlook beauty in the midst of summer!  While we are wilting from the summer heat, many flowers resist and are at their best in spite of the high summer temperatures.  While we tend to notice the burned fields, the brown leaves and the limp bushes and branches, there are just as many exquisite examples of rare beauty screeching to be noticed and admired.

macro photography of wildflower

a tiny, exquisite weed at Genius Loci – captured with a Macro lens

lone sunflowers in Umbira

late-blooming, unassuming sunflowers in the midst of an Umbrian wheat field

delicate passion flower

the beautiful and intricate pattern of a passion flower – ignoring the July heat 

gorgeous Umbrian weeds

magnificent… but humble… prickly Umbrian weeds –

Beauty surrounds us and is truly in the eye of the beholder…or of those who simply look for it in improbable places!