The gorgeous photographs (which so many of my blog friends have enthusiastically commented on to me) of my last blog  (please see former blog, A Few of My Favorite Things – Part 1) which focused on the Umbrian rarefied light were taken by my daughter, Mar, at sunrise during one of her  glorious summer stays at Genius Loci.  Always wanting to give credit where credit is due, I SO REGRET this Omissis.

Genius Loci Umbria summer oleanders

Thank you, Mar, for your excellent eye, your talent, your constant search for amazing composition, contrasts, colors…for the fleeting attimo –  for the very essence of the UNIQUE moment that you so often and SO skillfully glean!   Your keen eye, but perhaps it is more your heart and soul,  capture at its very best the amazing beauty you see in your everyday surroundings!