The New Self-Catering Apartment

Announcing the June inauguration of our new and luxurious self-catering apartment at Genius Loci.  Please stay tuned and check back next week for photos.
The spacious, beautifully appointed apartment is for stays of at least a week and is for two people (sorry, no children).  Detailed information will follow along with the photos.  Sight unseen, it is booked through July 25 and for most of September.

Montefalco as seen from Genius Loci

the view of the medieval hill town of  Montefalco as seen from the large front porch

flowers at Genius Loci Umbria

flowers in the garden of the apartment

self-catering apartment at Genius Loci Umbria


furnishings of self-catering apartment at Genius Loci Umbria

a detail of the hand-carved headboard of the king-sized bed