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Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Artisanal/Boutique Wine Lovers’ Club

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Club Benefits:

  • Guaranteed supply each year at bulk prices but with no obligation to order
  • November shipment (in time for holiday gifts) of each year’s new oil
  • Shipment of wine at any time during the year
  • Deruta ceramic gift included with each 3rd-year order of 12 bottles of either wine or oil
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  • Assure the health benefits of organic extra virgin olive oil all year round
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Genius Loci Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Genius Loci produces its very own Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil every year from the majestic olive trees on the property which are harvested and cold-pressed in October. Harvest yields, prices and availability vary from year to year.  Join the club to be notified of pricing and availability.

Genius Loci Premium Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Genius Loci also produces a limited quantity of Premium Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil.  If it were wine, we would call it a cru since we pick a limited amount of olives three weeks earlier than the regular beginning of the olive harvest from a selection of our most prime olive trees (those in their best production period, with the very best drainage, the most hours of sun and southern exposure). Picking slightly less mature olives from prime trees, pressing and bottling immediately ensures a Premium Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil in which the full-bodied, earthy, fruity, spicy, grassy…almost buttery flavor persists several months longer than usual.

Genius Loci Artisanal/Boutique DOCG Wines

  • The Sagrantino DOCG certification is due to our being well-within the tiny restricted area to which it applies. It is a very full-bodied, complexly structured red wine, with a detectable tannic component (which has been successfully mitigated by the aging in French oak) with a persistent aroma of wild berries, of 100%  Sagrantino grapes.
  • The Montefalco Rosso DOC is a blend, the result of Maurizio’s methodical experimentation over the years in an attempt to find the perfect blend of 65% Sangiovese, 20% Merlot and 15% Sagrantino.  While it is also a full-bodied, well-structured red wine, having only 15% Sagrantino grapes it is more mellow, less tannic.  It is a well-rounded table wine which pairs well with most foods.
  • The Sagrantino Passito is a meditation wine much like Port.  It is made of very select grapes of 100% Sagrantino which are air dried naturally for three full months (until they reach 31°/%  sugar content ) before beginning the fermentation process.  It is a sweet but not syrupy wine, aged for two years in bottle.  It is extremely well-loved and well-known in all of Italy.
  • The Grechetto IGT is our signature white wine. Grechetto is a light, fruity wine that conjures images of summer, light meals on the terrace and relaxing in the summer breeze.

where can i buy olive oil
We will be pleased to send mixed cases divided among our various wines, whichever combination you prefer. Unfortunately, we cannot (for customs) mix oil and wines in the same case. If you would like a price quote for a custom mix of wines, please fill out this form.

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