What a Difference a Day Makes…

As the months of scorching temperatures and drought dragged on, making any and all attempts at watering absolutely useless, I looked on with dismay as my gorgeous ornamental acero palmare withered and browned – its leaves browned in their suffering.  I even wondered if it was only leaf damage…or if my favorite plant would die!  It was too painful to photograph in its misery –  the entire plant had only crispy burned leaves, tightly curled up in their agony.

summer bushes in umbria

When the rains finally came gorgeous new leaves made their exuberant and seemingly overnight appearance, aggressively and impressively crowding out the burned leaves so quickly, creating a stunning and kaleidoscopic contrast of color, shape and texture.


summer rain in Umbria

striking contrasts of color, shape and texture

 A good reminder, lest we forget, that Mother Nature is in charge…with her overwhelming force.


umbria summer bushes

fresh – and so welcome – raindrops

She dictates the rules and the rhythms…and reminds us of What a Difference a Day Makes….